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Furniture Company Lilovi 88 Ltd. is a private company , established in 1996, whichproduction and warehouse facilities are located in the city of Troyan, Bulgaria. The company has many years of experience in the production of chairs made of solid beech wood. We have a wide range of models suitable for home and public places such as hotels, restaurants,bars, etc. We are constantly updating our collection according to the market trends and requirements and are open to ideas, projects and models of our partners and clients. For us, product quality and partner honesty are primary goals and policy


„Lilovi 88 “ Ltd produces seating furniture such as chairs, armchairs, children’s chairs and bar stools, that can be meet both upholstered and wooden seats.

„Lilovi 88 “ Ltd use primers, polyurethane sealants and varnishes of world famous companies such as: „Milesi“, „SIRKA“ and „Becker Acroma“ , which certificates ensure that coatings meet the European requirements for quality and ecology.

We work with quality Bulgarian and imported upholstery fabrics with a wide variety of colors. We use high quality density foam. We make upholstery and fabrics on request of its clients.